My love affair with flour tortillas.

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This is a flour tortilla dressed for a fancy  dessert. Ridiculously simple yet mindblowingly delicious.

  • Start with 2 small saute pans with a tablespoon of butter in each.
  • Slice a ripe banana in one saute pan and cook over medium heat until golden on both sides – a couple of minutes
  • In the second saute pan, pop a tortilla in and when it starts to puff, flip it once to the opposite side
  • Sprinkle a tablespoon or 2 of mini or regular chocolate chips if that is what you have
  • Let it get melted and then toss the sauteed bananas over the melted chocolate
  • Gently fold in half to create a crescent moon shape (flip mofo over).
  • Sift confectioners sugar over the top and die!!

12 thoughts on “My love affair with flour tortillas.

  1. new year…,new face! but it is getting better! colors of the rainbow are setting in , and the wee culprit is learning to stay out of clown’s way,.all the best to you in 2012 ! don’t let yer doggies grow up to be trippsters!!!!!!!

  2. Can’t wait to try the latest recipes…..vegetarian chile, a new “twist” on tuna salad. But very sorry about the black eye due to one of those little four-legged elves trespassing in the kitchen. Be well and I’m glad it wasn’t worse…..those tile floors are hard a ice in Alaska. Happy New Year and all the best for 2012.

  3. Hi Joanna ~

    This looks like it’ll be fun and a great resource for foodies! Congrats and I hope you don’t mind if I forward it around.

    Enjoy the Holidays.


  4. I like the blog! Definitely leave the humor in and fly with it because it makes it FUN. You’ve not only got the knack for cooking – and you’re darned good because I’ve had the good fortune of having been the recipient of many a darned fabulous meal – but you’re a good writer. A dash of good humor never hurt any recipe. The tortillas sound great….but I’ve got to try the Brussel sprouts because I’m the “hater” in our family. Will let you know! I have the feeling I’m about to be converted big time!

  5. Such wisdom…
    Really though, these are great, I made them substituting nutella for chocolate. !Que Rico!
    Great blog, keep up the good work!

  6. Great to hear from you Kathy. Thanks for your comment. We fixed the foobah in the last directions. I think it’s sad you hate bananas, and slightly tragic. Skip the bananas and substitute your favorite thing, like sauteed apples with cinnamon, caramel sauce, caramelized pineapple, and coconut rum sauce. I can help you down those roads in the future.Just getting started on the possibilities. Happy Holidays. Kitchen Clown

  7. Hi, Joanna! Good to hear from you, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! This looks like it’s going to be great fun!

    The only suggestion I have is to clarify the second to the last direction. Do you mean “flip one side of the tortilla over the other”? probably. And I WOULD make these except I hate bananas! Hm-m-m maybe JUST the chocolate?!

    Thanks for sharing, Kathy

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